Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are designed to improve the quality and purity of your water. Without a high-quality system put in place, your water may contain chlorine or other contaminants. Chlorine is known to damage skin and cause irritation. Take a look at some harmful effects of chlorine below:
  • Chlorine causes irritation, acne and imbalance of natural, healthy bacteria on the skin.
  • Skin is dry year-around.
  • Chlorine causes wrinkles due to its impact on the natural oils and minerals in your cells.
  • Hair color does not last as long.
  • Increase in hair loss.
Your body absorbs 2/3 of the water needed from showering and bathing, but chlorine is added to most tap water. The only way to remove this water from your bath and shower is to install a water filtration system.

A filtration system will save you on bottled water costs you may have spent otherwise, and you can protect your skin and hair at the same time.

If you’re ready to eliminate these harmful chemicals from your everyday routine, give us a call to learn more (716) 249-0241.

Kitchen Water Filtration

This provides clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking. Water filtration is the least expensive route for good, inexpensive water; however there are several downfalls with this methodology.

  • It is only available in the kitchen (if you get up in the middle of the night, you will have go to the kitchen).
  • The temperature of the water is what comes out of the faucet – you will still have to buy a filter for your fridge and ice.
  • Your skin is still exposed to unfiltered water.
  • The pipes in your home are exposed to unfiltered water.
  • The filter has to be changed annually (and the warranty is good for only one year).Chlorine causes irritation, acne and imbalance of natural, healthy bacteria on the skin.

Whole-House Water Filtration

In this scenario, a water filter is installed for your entire house. This means the filter will clean water for you to drink, shower in, bathe in, wash your clothes in, water your plants, and flush your toilet. You will have pure water for your family’s health. Although the cost of this system is more, you have a five-year warranty and no need to buy bottled water for you or your family.

Water Testing

The President’s Cancer Panel Report for 2009-2010 shows that our water supply contains chlorine, harmful contaminants, carcinogens and pollutants that are cancer-causing. This finding should be the proof our customers need to act now.

Many residents throughout Buffalo, Amherst, and Williamsville, NY are accustomed to purchasing bottled water. Many of the plastics used in bottle water often contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Many bottled water samples tested in the past have contained bacteria.

To avoid any health hazards, we recommend installing our water filtration system to reduce the risk of cancer to your family and to you. Please get in touch with us today to schedule your installation or filtration system maintenance.

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