Sewer Line Repair

Knowing whether or not your sewer line needs to be repaired is critical. Having a problematic sewer line can become hazardous for your health and pocket if not treated right away. Your home or business sewer line is a transportation system for releasing sewage from your home to an underground sewer system.

Learn more about what can cause your sewer line to become clogged here.

Types of Sewer Lines & Signs for Sewer Line Repair

The type of sewer line in your home or business is crucial for diagnosing the type of sewer line repair that is necessary. Cast iron pipes, clay pipes and plastic pipes (PVC & ABS) are sewer line pipes that are commonly used.

Cast Iron Pipe: This type of piping can last a long period of time without reparations but when it starts corroding and rusting in your sewer line it may be time to repair or replace it.

Clay Pipe: This type of piping is generally installed underneath areas such as asphalt roadways, landscaped areas and concrete parking lots. Over time, the accumulation of soil erosion, ground settling and tree roots can lead to a clogged pipe. This can cause cracking and pipe separation.

Plastic (PVC, ABS): Most commonly used plumbing pipe, when water temperatures exceed their normal level this can cause the pipe to crack

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