Hot Water Tanks

When considering a new hot water system, it is best not to wait until your existing system stops working or gives out on you. You don’t want to be left with a transitioning period where you have no tank to heat your shower, kitchen sink water supply, or dishwasher. Some homes have electric water heaters, while many have tank-type water heaters.

Hot Water Tank Repair

When we make repairs to your hot water heater, you won’t have to call us a week later so we can fix our work. We know how important your system is in your daily routine. We work quickly to make required repairs to see to it that you’re safe, comfortable, and happy by the time we leave.

Gas Valve – Your gas valve regulates the flow of gas through your water heating system. The valve provides flame safety to shut down the gas flow during unsafe conditions and it regulates pressure. We can check the pilot safety of your valve and see that everything is working properly.
Burner – Your burner is an important part of your hot water heater. If your gas water heater burner needs to be replaced or the components have become faded, we will replace it for you. These parts can be hard to find, but we will locate the correct piece for your specific use.
Drip Tube – Drip tubes are used to deliver water directly to the roots of plants or in drip irrigation plumbing. The tubing is typically made from PVC, and we have models with pre-installed pressure compensating emitters. This type of piping is found outdoors in certain types of landscaping setups.
Leaking – You never want to come home to an unexpected leak in your hot water system. You can never feel safe while showering, and you don’t want to run your water for too long. Avoid plumbing issues with our help. We can tend to pipes that have sprung a leak or components that are no longer in working condition.
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