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Your plumbing fixtures are a crucial part of your home. When you have problems with your plumbing, you don’t want to have guests over and you can’t relax in your own home! The crew at Musso Plumbing & Heating will not accept anything less than the best for our customers. If your toilet is leaking near the bottom or you have specific bathtub requirements, we can help. We offer service for plumbing fixtures including toilets, bathtubs, and showers.


Your toilet system has many parts and elements to it. From the wax ring to the flange, there is a lot that can go wrong. We have the spare parts you need to get your toilet in good condition once more.

Wax Ring – The wax ring for your toilet can be found at the base of the fixture. Whenever you have to remove the toilet for any reason, the wax ring must be replaced and sealed tightly.
Flange – A flange is intended to protect the rim around your toilet. It strengthens the toilet by attaching onto the rim and maintaining position on the rail. It mounts the toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe. If this component needs to be repaired, our team will take apart your system to replace the part.
Handle – If you’ve tried to fix your toilet handle and can’t seem to make any progress, it might be time to stop “jiggling the handle” and call in our team. There is nothing worse than not being able to flush your toilet, so please don’t delay in calling us. We’ve been around for years and we’ve seen it all, so let us help fix your handle or level.
Installation – Installing a new toilet is not as easy as you may think. Instead of watching a how-to video online, get help from the experts. You don’t want to install the toilet crooked or have it sink into a bad position. We ensure quality and flawless toilet installation.

To ensure your safety, our knowledgeable and skilled Master Plumber will make repairs and installations that are up to standard and adhere to all code requirements. Rest assured that your system is in good hands with us.


Drain Requirements & Materials – You use your bathtub every day, and without it, you might not want to leave your home! If your tub isn’t working correctly you might have to shower while wading in a pool of water. When something goes wrong, you want to call a Master Plumber who knows how to handle the repairs. We bring all the materials and drain equipment to get you up to code and showering at your convenience.
Access Panel – We can install an access panel to give you greater control over your systems. Consider having us install a new access panel for your convenience.
Grout – If the grout around your tub, tile, and surrounds isn’t looking its best, give us a call. We can perform quality grout repairs to make sure your tub looks great and remains leak-free.


Drain Requirements & Materials – You use your shower every day and, without showering, you might not want to leave your home! When something goes wrong, you want to call a Master Plumber who knows how to handle the repairs. We bring all the materials and drain equipment to get you up to code and showering at your convenience.
Access Panel – Your shower may have an access panel. If you want greater control over your system, consider having us install a new access panel for your convenience.
Grout – If your shower has old and outdated grout around the tiles or surrounds, it might be time to clean up your shower. With our help, we can apply new grout to your shower to ensure it is properly sealed and positioned. Grout is a fluid form of concrete used to fill gaps and seal joints between tiles.

Laundry Tub

Laundry Tub Pump – Is your utility sink overflowing or taking a great deal of time to drain? A laundry tub pump might be the perfect solution for you. These automatic pumps are designed for permanent installation to handle normal waste water from domestic washing. Let us install one for you today.
Lint Removal – You should never take your lint trap for granted! Although it is common knowledge that neglecting to clean your lint trap can cause house fires, many people forget that this element needs to be replaced from time to time. We have the spare parts just for you.
Gate Valve – Gate valves are used for most laundry sinks and washing machines that have an internal stem with a rubber washer, or plug, at the base of the stem. When you open the valve, threads on the stem retract it and water flows past the plug. To fix your valve we will need to shut off your water supply at the main water line and then work to replace the part.
Drain Pipe – If you’ve ever wanted a laundry tub but haven’t figured out a way to drain it, you’re not alone! A lot of older homes have inadequate plumbing, especially when it comes to utility sinks in laundry rooms. This is typically where rough plumbing has been installed, so our plumbers need to connect your drain to the main sewer line and leave a PVC pipe extending from the wall and adjacent to the water supply lines.


Water on the floor surrounding your dishwasher means you have a problem. Sometimes the seal on your machine may not be working any longer, and sometimes it can mean you have a more serious dishwasher problem. If you see pooling water under your dishwasher or your dishes are coming out with leftovers still stuck to your plates, there is a better way.

Enlist the team at Musso Plumbing & Heating to handle all of your dishwasher needs. From repairs to spare parts, we have it all and we would love to help you out today! You should never have to go without the convenience of your dishwasher again. Please give us a call today for service.

Having your fixtures repaired and replaced is important so make sure to call us for an appointment today!

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