Cooling System Services

Summers in the Western New York region can get pretty humid and hot. It’s important to make sure your cooling system or air conditioner is in top shape so that you can live in comfort.

Our air conditioning contractors will make any necessary repairs when you find that you have a system breakdown. If you come home and your air is heavy with humidity and heat, call us in for emergency repair.

If you’ve moved into a new home or your old system is completely shot, let us install a new, high-efficiency model to make your life easier and much more comfortable.

Heating and Cooling Systems Williamsville, NY

Scheduled Maintenance Service

The cooling contractors at Musso Plumbing & Heating can help get your air conditioner in good working condition so that if any heat wave hits, you and your family will be prepared and comfortable. Our maintenance services can be scheduled at your convenience, and we will check the components of your AC or cooling system.

We will clean the evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils, check the refrigerant levels, and clean your blower components.

To fine-tune your air conditioner, please call today at (716) 249-0241 to schedule your service.

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